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Sign-up Bonus

A live casino tries to encourage you to play with them rather than elsewhere by offering comps, special bonuses for continued play at that particular location. However, can you imagine if these casinos paid you just to walk in the door? That's exactly what online casinos do when they offer a sign-up bonus.

The Online Sign-up Bonus and You

There are many online casino sites out there and a lot of competition for your hard-earned dollar. That's why most online casinos offer a sign-up bonus. These bonuses are most commonly match bonuses, meaning they match your deposit. A 50 percent match deposit would mean that if you deposited $100, you could earn an additional $50 as a bonus. If you got a 100 percent match bonus, that deposit could earn you an additional $100. In general, hundreds of gambling-related websites deliver reviews of various casinos and their bonuses. But only a few of them provide really qyality and up-to-date reviews. One of such well-established casino guides is definitely , who continuosly work to provide its visitors with the latest information in the gambling world. You are free to easily get the best bonus from CasinoTop10 , and what is most important you may be absolutely sure about the reliability of the data provided.

Collecting your Online Sign-Up Bonus

To collect a sign-up bonus, you'll first need a bonus code. These can be found online the same places you find online casino sites and information about online casino sites. Once you have the code, navigate to the site the code is good for and set up an account. Make your deposit while inputting the bonus code at the same time. Once that's done, start playing. When you meet the wagering requirement, which means you have bet a certain multiple of your bonus or deposit (or both), your bonus will be released.

Tips About the Online Sign-up Bonus

Try to find a large match bonus, 100 percent or more. They are definitely out there, and as long as the site you're signing up with has a proven reputation for safety and quality, definitely worth it. Remember you can only collect one sign-up bonus per site, so be sure to find the best code and be sure to input it at the same time as you make that first deposit.

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