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We offer to you great program "pay per click". We will pay you for every visitor that you send to our portal. One visitor - 5 cents. All work is simple. After registration you will receive you own referal link to us. Every man that will click this link will be paid due to our rules.

IMPORTANT: For increasing your income we have a best referal program. Our referal program consists from 3 levels. This mean that if some registered via your referal link he become your 1st level referal (direct referal). After it you will be receive 20% from all earnings of your referal. Most of all if that man attract some he become you 2nd level referal (indirect referal) and you will receive 10% from his earning. From third level you will receive 5%. So our program have 3 levels and looks so: 20%-10%-5%.

You can earn a lot with us. For example if you send 1000 visitors to us you will receive $50. But using our referal program you income will more great. For example you will attract 5 active refeals, every of them attract 5 active referals, and every of that referals will attract 5 active referals you will be have 5+5*5+5*5*5 referals = 155. If every of them and you send 1000 visitors per day to us you will receive = 1000*5 + 5*1000*1 + 5*5*1000*0.5 + 5*5*5*1000*0.25 = 535.7. So you can earn more than $500 per day. This is a great opportunity!


  • To participate you must have site or personal page. All visitors will be count only if they come from your site. You can add your site in account. All sites we review manualy.

  • Visitor must be uniqe during the must. If some come from you one day, next day this man will not be paid, but next month you receive 5 cents for him again.

  • We paid only those visitors that come from you only from yor site. You can have any amount of web sites.

  • Visitor must see more than one page of our site to be paid.

  • You can not use any methods to increase clicks, only page promotion.

  • You can order you money after earning more than $1. We pay throught E-Gold, WebMoney.

  • We paid money 2 times every month - 1 and 15 day of month.

  • We love our users and have a good support.



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